Investment Portfolio

Key Investments:

Babylon Microfarms  

Babylon Microfarms
Babylon makes indoor farming simple. Continuously grow and harvest top quality produce in-house with the touch of a button.

Woodward Capital, LLC  

Woodward Capital, LLC
Woodward Capital, LLC provides financing solutions to its network of Independent Auto Dealers allowing their customers access to capital at reasonable rates.


Catalio Capital
A multi-strategy investment firm focused on breakthrough biomedical technology companies worldwide.


GMSi, LLC utilizes its proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process to manufacture and supply silicon carbide coated graphite tools to top tier worldwide chip & memory manufacturers for use in the production of silicon wafers, LED’s, solar and photovoltaic products. GMSi was sold to Heraeus Group.


Vesta Partners
Vesta Partners supports top tier manufacturers in the U.S. and around the world by implementing and integrating software and process solutions that improve the overall effectiveness and profitability. Vesta Partners was sold to Bunker Hill Capital.

Synergy Lime Development Company
SLDC is the owner and operator of a 650,000 ton per year dolomitic lime processing plant and limestone quarry in Indiana. The Synergy plant benefits from a dual-fueled design and high on-sight limestone reserves for increased operational flexibility and profitability.

Hull Street Energy
In 2014, Hull Street Capital sponsored the formation of Hull Street Energy, an independent institutional asset manager that specializes in making private equity investments in the power sector.

NextGen VP  

NextGen VP
Network driven venture capital, providing entrepreneurs with valuable connectivity for sales, hiring, and financing introductions, as well as on-demand advice.


Contract Transport Services, Inc. is a transportation and logistics company located in Green Bay, WI and operates in the Midwest.  CTS plays a crucial role in its customers manufacturing process and profitability. CTS was acquired by Warehouse Services Inc. (“WSI”)


Diaphorm Technologies
Diaphorm Technologies, LLC is a manufacturer of high-end structural thermoplastics for ballistic protection products such as helmets, chest plates and other armor products. Diaphorm was sold to Ceradyne Inc. (CRDN)


Brain Sentry
Brain Sentry has developed a unique, helmet-mounted device that alerts when an athlete suffers a potentially dangerous impact.


Precise Innovation
Precise Innovation sells two GPS tracking devices designed for children, kidsport GPS is a stylish sports band that will allow parents to locate their kids on a phone, iPad or computer; and Caref GPS Phone Watch, the world’s smallest waterproof GPS watch featuring two way voice communication and SMS text alerts that operates just like a phone.


FedCap Partners
FedCap Partners, LLC is an investment fund located in Reston, VA and is dedicated to the government IT Services Sector.


Hull Street Real Estate
Hull Street Real Estate invests in commercial real estate and residential development projects including:

  • 7U6, LLC
  • Cam Am, LLC
  • 7600 Assateague, LLC
  • Old Baltimore Pike, LLC
  • Residential Real Estate